Friday, 4 November 2016

A Bunny Kind of Day

Yesterday was a bunny kind of day in Rooms 11 and 12! Miss Chalmers got a big surprise in the morning when Miss M introduced her to Snuggles, her pet rabbit. Miss M had brought Snuggles in as part of a writing lesson and very kindly let Room 11 join in on the fun. We all got a pat and a cuddle. Snuggles was so calm, she almost fell asleep while being passed around the arms of 58 children! But Snuggles wasn't the only bunny we met yesterday... Ryan L brought his baby rabbit, Hopster, into school, too! Hopster definitely lives up to his name...he almost tried to hop out of the shoe box that he was supposed to stay in! We think he wants to be a part of Room 11. Check out the video an added bonus, you'll also be treated to a few bunny jokes!

A question for all of our blog visitors - do you have a pet at home? What is it's name? If you don't have a pet, why not tell us about the pet you wished you had? Please do leave a comment below! 

Miss Chalmers will start it off....

"This is Bailey, my Golden Labrador. He's a lovely dog but he's not very smart! You want to know what his favourite food is? Socks! He's always stealing them from the washing pile. Bailey is Grace's best friend. She says they are like brother and sister. Bailey is an old dog now and he can't go for very long walks any more. He's 12 years old which makes him 89 in human years! We hope he is with us for a few more years to come."


  1. I wish I had A Cavalier Spaniel
    By Minka

  2. Cool! I have a pet cat his name is Harry. He is 5 years old in cat years,in human years he is 36 years old.Sometimes he is crazy playing with his toys. He likes to sleep on my bed and floor. He has had an operation because he has been kicked by someone and broke to back teeth he also got attacked by a dog but he's all right.

  3. I have a dog called, his name is Baxter. He is 4 years old in dog years which makes him 28 in human years. By Ryan Stutter


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