Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Education Outside the Classroom 2016 - Sonshine Ranch

Wow, what a day! Rooms 11 and 12 spent the day down at Sonshine Ranch in Clevedon. The programme at Sonshine Ranch provides a unique opportunity for students to be taken out of their everyday routines and placed in an atmosphere where they are challenged to grow. The activities we did included a flying fox, a climbing wall, underground tunnels, a giant rope swing and even horse riding! The children will be the first to tell you that a few of the activities were a bit scary! Check out the photos below to find out what we got up to. 

Monday, 21 November 2016

Education Outside the Classroom 2016 - Totara Park

The Pukeko Team could not have asked for a better day to kick start our week of EOTC experiences. The sun was shining and we had lots of fun activities to work our way around. Here's what we got up to today:

Burma Trail:
This fun activity will build skills in teamwork, trust, communication, and cooperation. Students are blindfolded and led through the bush, guided by a rope. In the first instance, the teacher will lead the whole group, and then the children can get into pairs and lead each other. Instructions must be non-verbal or sounds other than words. Ideally, students should agree on the directions before starting, and can reflect on the success on them afterwards.

Shelter Building: 
Many New Zealanders enjoy going hiking or camping in the bush. Have you ever thought about what you would do if you ended up having to stay out over night unexpectedly? At this activity students will learn how to create a shelter out of basic supplies in order to protect themselves from the weather and environment. 

There is something very special about camp cooking. Everything just seems to taste so very good at camp! But camp cooking requires a different set of rules and equipment than those that we use at home. Our outdoor cooking involves a bit of skill and innovation but with a little creativity we all can become an “outdoor chef”.  Today we will be making s’mores over an open barbecue and fruit kebabs. 

Collaborative Games:
Collaboration is part of our "Language of Learning” at Reremoana School and is an important skill whereby students work together to achieve a particular outcome. In this instance students will have the opportunity to work collaboratively in a number of games such as an egg and spoon race, river crossing, giant jenga building and hula hoop pass. By taking part in these games we hope the children learn to effectively collaborate whilst having fun. Let the best team win!

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Athletics Day 2016

On Friday, all of Reremoana School headed over to Lloyd Elsmore Park in Pakuranga for our annual Athletics Day. This is one of the biggest events in our school calendar and boy, was it awesome! We had our fingers crossed all day that it wouldn't rain. In fact, the weather ended up being perfect - not too hot and not too cold and not a drop of rain. It was fantastic to see so many children giving it their all in each of their events. Ms Fothergill managed to capture the sheer determination in some of the photos below. While Ms F must have worked up a fair few steps walking around the stadium with her camera, the size of our school now makes it near impossible to get a photo of each child. If you came along to watch and happen to have some photos of your child (or anyone else in Room 11) please email them to me and I will add them to this post.

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Rethinking our School Entrance - Survey

Click here for the link to the survey.

Reremoana School is currently working with the NZ Police and Auckland Transport to rethink the way the school entrance operates. To assist the school, we would appreciate it if you could take the time to respond to the questions in our survey.

At this time, we are gathering information, with the aim to develop options that can then be put forward to the School, the Community, the Ministry of Education and Auckland Transport. The survey needs to be completed by the 11th of November 2016. The more responses we have, the more feedback we can use in developing a safe environment for our children.

Click here for the link to the survey.


Images by Freepik