Saturday, 29 October 2016

Summer is nearly here... hats on and drink bottles full!

Miss Chalmers has been promising the girls that she
would put this photo on the blog since Term 3! Hence why they have no hats on :)
Summer is nearly here and that means the weather is getting warmer. A reminder that it is Reremoana School policy that all students wear their hats during Terms 1 and 4. If a student does not have their hat during break times they will be asked to play in shaded areas only (i.e. the under the shade cloth or in the sandpit)

 In other exciting news, Reremoana School is promoting the "Switch to Water Challenge' for the month of November. This means no fizzy or sugary drinks at school for 30 days - water and milk only! The children in Room 11 are pretty excited about it, and know exactly who will find it the biggest challenge - Miss Chalmers (who is prone to a can of diet coke!)

Each day every child in Room 11 who brings a drink bottle full of water to school will get a sticker on their chart. They will get another sticker for drinking the whole bottle of water by 3pm.

All schools who complete this challenge also have a chance of having netball player, Irene Van Dyk, come to visit. Wouldn't that be cool?

If Room 11 works together and succeeds in getting 1500 stickers then we will have a water play day at the end of November.

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