Thursday, 15 September 2016

Production Tickets

Have you purchased your tickets for the Reremoana School Production yet? They're selling like hot cakes, so get in quick! Here is the direct link to purchase your tickets. 

Room 11 will be performing as baboons as part of the junior musical "The Giraffe That Can't Dance". The junior performance will be followed by the senior school production "The Lion King Jr". While purchasing the tickets will allow entry into both performances, families will be invited to leave the hall after the junior performance if they would prefer.

Children will be supervised in Room 11 before and after the junior performance. Could all children please be picked up at 8pm, with the exception of families staying to watch the senior school production. As outlined in yesterday's newsletter, all children are expected to be in Room 11 by 6pm to get dressed in their costumes.

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