Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Sports Poster Competition

The Student Councillors on the Sports Committee challenged all Reremoana students to create a poster or photo collage explaining why the love to play and/or support their chosen sport. Here's the Google Slide they made explaining what everyone had to do. The best part is, everyone who completed a poster has a chance of winning two tickets to go and watch a live rugby game at Eden Park! How cool is that?

Congratulations to these children for completing their posters. All the best for the competition!
Ryan St.

Tayla Y





Kael (make sure you watch the video on the third slide)



Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Pukeko Team Celebration

Room 11 welcomed the rest of the school to the Pukeko Team Celebration last week by performing a haka powhiri. We used some creative licence though, by having the girls lead so the boys could focus on their actions. Well done to Jack and Kael for introducing us and themselves in Te Reo. They were so excited that they even bought along a patu each from home. Ka pai, boys.

Radical Writing!

We have been having some fun with Writing in Room 11 over the past few weeks. Our focus this term has been to incorporate more interesting and varied vocabulary into our writing. To help us develop the language we use, Miss Chalmers has been providing us with some pretty interesting learning experiences!

Taste Testing Thursdays
Each Thursday until the end of term Room 11 will be taste testing foods with different flavours. So far we have been focusing on "Sweet and Sour". Our first taste test involved Super Sour Jellybeans - most of the children thought they weren't so bad, but they sure made Miss Chalmers' eyes water! A big thank you to Jacob's mum for providing us with our next taste test - big zip lock bags full of lemons, limes and oranges (she even cut them up for us!). Check out the photos below:

Jamie and Ryan are pretty funny! Can you tell which ones were the
lime photos and which one were the oranges?
Here are some of the words we used to describe the different tastes:

Science Experiment Wednesdays
But that's not all! In Room 11 we've just started "Science Experiment Wednesdays" too. Having a quick and exciting experience in the morning means that we are really motivated to write later on in the day. Below is a video of us playing with baking soda and vinegar (we added dish washing detergent to make the reaction even more extreme!). We will try to get some of our science stories up on the blog soon.

MPSSA Cross Country

A big congratulations to Yandri and Zoe for running more than 42kms over the past few weeks (that's the distance of a full marathon, in case you're wondering!) Yandri, Zoe and Ollie (who was away on the last day) have been joining the big kids four times a week in their training for the MPSSA Country Country day. This has been a wonderful experience for our three students - they've learnt perseverance, resilience and determination. Way to go you three.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Kyra's Cheerleading Competition

This is a photo of me at my cheerleading competition with my team. I was very excited when I was doing my routine. When I did my routine I did t-jumps, elevators (that means you lift people up in the air) and other moves, too. The best part of the day was finding out I had won out of the whole group! We got medals for winning the competition. I love being a cheerleader.
Images by Freepik