Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Cross Country 2016

Just a reminder that our annual Cross Country event is on this Friday. Children will be assembling at 1pm. Families are welcome to come and watch. 

Children are reminded to come to school in their uniform but to bring a change of clothes to run in. Mrs Van Zyl says "don't forget your house colours!"

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Te Wiki o te Reo Māori

This week is Maori Language Week (Te Wiki o te Reo Māori) which is celebrated nation-wide. While this week is a special week, we like to recognise and celebrate Te Reo in Room 11 throughout the year. We have made big effort though in creating some bright and cheerful koru art in collaboration with Room 12. It'll be up on display by the end of the week so you'll have to pop in to check it out! We have also been learning to sing two songs; Tehei Mauri Ora and Aotearoa by Stan Walker. We have linked the videos so that you can practise at home. We are half way through writing and presenting our Pepehas too (this is a way of introducing ourselves in formal situations).

Kael, Cole and Jack are three boys in our class who associate strongly with their Maori culture. It was so cool today when Kael turned up to school with a patu, and Jack with his pounamu carving. We found out that a patu used to be used as weapon of war by the Maori people. The carvings on the side are very important too. We researched the shapes of different pounamu designs and found out that Jack's one symbolises strength and good character. That makes sense!

Ko Panguru te maunga
Ko Ngati Manawa te marae
Ko Whakarapa te awa
Ko Nga Puhi te iwi
No Panguru ahau
Ko Ariana Morunga taku mama
Ko Troy Rakuraku taka papa
Ko Jack taka ingoa

Kia Ora Koutou Katoa
Ko Kael toku ingoa
Ko Tony toku papa
Ko Cassey toku mama
No Wattle Downs ahau
Ko Te Arawa te waka
Ko Rangitoto  to maunga
Ko Waiohewa te awa
Ko te Arawa te iwi
No Reira, Tena Koutou, Tena koutou, tena koutou katoa
Awesome Pukana, boys!
Ko Ngati Maniapoto te iwi
Ko Nic toku mama
Ko Jeremy toku papa
Ko Reremoana toku kura
No Hamilton ahau
Ko Cole toku ingoa

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Homework - Week 10

Hi Room 11,

For homework this week you need to find out some information about your family and heritage. We will use this information to write a pepeha (introduction) about ourselves. There are some things you will be able to answer, and some things that won't apply to you. Just do your best. Write all information on a piece of paper and bring it to school. If it's easier, you can email me your information.

Waka (boat)
Maunga (mountain)
Iwi (tribe)
Mama (Mother)
Papa (Father)
Kura (School)
Koro (grandfather)
Kuia (grandmother)

I am from_________.

From Miss Chalmers

Bits and bobs from the past few weeks

Recycling Launch Assembly:
Last week Reremoana hosted a recycling launch assembly. We had recycling experts visit us from all around the world to teach how to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. The assembly was a little bit different because there were cameras everywhere! Stayed tuned to see a video about this assembly in the coming weeks. The Recycling Brigade Captains also got to participate in a workshop where they made two items out of recycled plastic. Can you spot Shivali, Kaja and Minka?

Samoan Language Week:
A few weeks ago we were lucky enough to have a visit from our neighbours at Greenmeadows Intermediate. They brought their Samoan and Chinese Fan Dance groups along to perform for us. The performances were spectacular! Yandri and Zoe presented a koha to one of their lead performers.

There are several students in Room 11 who associate strongly with their Samoan Culture. Dylan's mum, Jennie, came along to visit us during Samoan Language Week. She taught us a Sasa, a song called Savalivali and told us stories about what it's like in Samoa. Thanks for coming, Mrs Tusani!

Wowee, the standard of speeches were very high this year. Well done to everyone who was brave enough to present their speech in front of our whole class. We had a few "stand out" children who got to present their speeches again before we chose the finalists.

A special well done to Tayla Y (2nd Place, Year 3s), Jade (3rd Place Year 3s), Ryan L and Sonia who all competed in the Year 2/3/4 Speech Finals.

PB4L Certificate Winners:
Every Monday morning the Pukeko Team get together for an assembly where Mrs Van Zyl introduces the weekly PB4L focus. During this time the teachers present certificates for students who have demonstrated the previous week's positive behaviour focus. Here are some of our certificate winners so far this term:

Baking in Room 11:
As a reward for some very positive behaviour happening in Room 11,  we had a special baking day in Room 11. We made a "Miss-Chalmers-favourite" - cream horns. A big thanks to Mrs Gregory and Mrs Airs who helped to make them  (they are much better bakers than Miss Chalmers!)

Last week's Mathletics winners:

Images by Freepik