Wednesday, 18 May 2016

New Zealand Sign Language Week

Last week was New Zealand sign language week. We are lucky in Room 11 because we have our very own sign language expert! Jade uses sign language at home with both of her parents. Check out what she had to say in the newsletter last week:

We pretended that Jade was the teacher and her name was "Miss Clifford". Each day last week Miss Clifford taught us something different in sign language. The children were very quick to master this new learning (Miss Chalmers was a bit slower!) Here is a video of us playing "Rainbow" - a fun game that teaches us how to sign colour names. 

You can learn how to sign colour names too, using the images below. Here is the link to the original charts on

One of our favourite parts of NZ Sign Language Week was watching the "Sign Boy" videos posted on the website each day. Did you know that Jade's mum knows Sign Boy? How cool is that!?

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