Thursday, 26 May 2016

Jayden's Math

For the past few lessons in Math, Group 3 has been learning how to solve subtraction equations using the Equal Adjustment Strategy. 

Equal Adjustment is a great strategy to use when the second number is close to a tidy ten. Learning about this strategy draws students attention to the concept of equality. Students will see that equation remains in balance if the same change is made on both sides of the equation. It requires students to have a strong knowledge of place value but really helps them to mentally solve difficult equations. 

An example of how to solve a double digit subtraction equation using Equal Adjustment:

The absolute best part about a teacher's job is hearing children say "I get it now!". Jayden was so excited to share his new learning that he raced straight home to complete a whole page of equations! 

Way to go, Jayden - you made my day with your email. Keep up the great work!


  1. Way to go, Jayden! Ms Fothergill.

  2. I LOVE a maths celebration. Well done Jayden - so proud of you. Some very clever learning here.


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