Thursday, 26 May 2016

Jayden's Math

For the past few lessons in Math, Group 3 has been learning how to solve subtraction equations using the Equal Adjustment Strategy. 

Equal Adjustment is a great strategy to use when the second number is close to a tidy ten. Learning about this strategy draws students attention to the concept of equality. Students will see that equation remains in balance if the same change is made on both sides of the equation. It requires students to have a strong knowledge of place value but really helps them to mentally solve difficult equations. 

An example of how to solve a double digit subtraction equation using Equal Adjustment:

The absolute best part about a teacher's job is hearing children say "I get it now!". Jayden was so excited to share his new learning that he raced straight home to complete a whole page of equations! 

Way to go, Jayden - you made my day with your email. Keep up the great work!

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

New Zealand Sign Language Week

Last week was New Zealand sign language week. We are lucky in Room 11 because we have our very own sign language expert! Jade uses sign language at home with both of her parents. Check out what she had to say in the newsletter last week:

We pretended that Jade was the teacher and her name was "Miss Clifford". Each day last week Miss Clifford taught us something different in sign language. The children were very quick to master this new learning (Miss Chalmers was a bit slower!) Here is a video of us playing "Rainbow" - a fun game that teaches us how to sign colour names. 

You can learn how to sign colour names too, using the images below. Here is the link to the original charts on

One of our favourite parts of NZ Sign Language Week was watching the "Sign Boy" videos posted on the website each day. Did you know that Jade's mum knows Sign Boy? How cool is that!?

Farewell Chanelle!

Last week felt bittersweet when we said goodbye to our classmate, Chanelle. We were excited for her to start her new journey across the ditch in Perth, but boy will we miss her! Chanelle is a sweet, kind-hearted and funny girl who added to the special culture in Room 11. All the best at your new school Chanelle! We just know they will love you too.

Pukeko Team Trip to the Art Exhibition

Last week the Pukeko Team set off on a trip into Newmarket. Our main reason for going on the trip was to visit an art exhibition featuring the work of Stephanie Thatcher. Stephanie Thatcher is the author-illustrator of one of our favourite picture books, 'The Great Galloping Galoot".

We also spent a bit of time at the Auckland Domain sketching some of weird and wonderful flowers hidden in the Winter Gardens. We couldn't hang around for too long because the weather wasn't playing nice. Luckily, we were able to spent the rest of our time exploring the Auckland Museum. What fun we had!

A special big thank you to all of our wonderful parent helpers who were able to come along on the trip. Miss Chalmers and the Pukeko Team teachers really appreciate your support :)

Stayed tuned to see our upcoming artworks based on Stephanie Thatcher's work.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Ms Key - Student Teacher

There has been a new face in Room 11 recently. Ms Shayne Key is a student teacher from Auckland University. She will be with us for five weeks.

Here is a little note from Ms Key:

Kia Ora! My name is Shayne Key. In 2014 I graduated from Baradene College of the Sacred Heart and I am now currently in my second year of study at Auckland University. This is my third school placement over the past two years and I am very excited to be completing my 5 week practicum in Room 11 at Reremoana School. 

Being involved in a theatre company I found performing arts as one of my hobbies. In my spare time I enjoy working with kids and developing their skills and acting. 
I look forward to meeting you all,  
Ms Shayne Key

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Cultural Diversity Celebration

On the last day of Term One we celebrated cultural diversity across the school. Children dressed up in all sorts of costumes that reflected the culture they identified with and everyone brought along a plate to share at lunch time.

Cultural Dress-up Day:

Yummy, so much food! Thank you to all those who contributed. Here are just some of the cultural dishes that were shared:


Samoan Tapa Cloths. Don't they look amazing?

Parents, families and other blog visitors: What culture do you identify with? Did you grow up with any special traditions in your family? (cultural or otherwise)
Images by Freepik