Thursday, 31 March 2016


Miss Chalmers is a little bit sad, Room 11! The Mathletics points this week are looking pretty terrible! Come on everyone - bump up those scores! 1000 points in the minimum requirement.

Well done though, to these students who all got over 1000 points. A special well done to Payshince as it's her first time on the leaderboard!

An extra special well done to Sonia and Yandri who are the top Mathletes so far this year! Yandri has just over 18,000 points so far and Sonia has over 44,000!! They went to visit Miss Harland for a celebration today and got these certificates. Way to go, girls.

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  1. I agree Miss Chalmers - come on Room 11, Mathletics is fantastic! Please send over any students who you think are trying particularly hard with this Miss C. We would love to have a celebration over in the office.


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