Sunday, 13 March 2016

Jade's Beautiful Butterfly

Something really special happened in Room 11 last week. Jade brought in a chrysalis that had been hanging on her swan plant at home. We knew it was almost ready to hatch because the chrysalis was dark and we could clearly see the wings. We were lucky enough to watch it make it's way into the world step by step.

We used this learning experience to help us with our writing. We wrote Haiku poems which are a traditional form of Japanese poetry.

You can watch the video of Jade's butterfly hatching and read a few of the Haiku poems below. Why not pop into class to check out our new butterfly display as well?

Monarch Butterfly
Orange, black and white so bright
Flying way up high
By Lochie and Zoe

Butterfly shine bright
Hanging on the leaves so bright
Butterfly go now
By Wendi and Ryan Salter

Inside the cocoon
getting ready to fly out
even though it’s hard

Flying super fast
red, yellow, black and orange
after they hatch out 
By Jade and Yandri

Butterflies creaking
Butterflies so delicate
Sipping on nectar
By Shivali

The butterflies hatch
And they fly away so far
into the garden
By Cherize

Butterflies are bright
they hatch from a chrysalis 
they eat green swan plants
By Tayla and Tayler

But wait, there's more! Jade's neighbour, Phoenix (also a student from our Room 12 neighbours) saw what we were up to in Room 11 and brought in his dried butterflies. They were really beautiful. Thanks for sharing, Phoenix!


  1. It's so cool Phoenix to see you inspired by others, to share some of your own knowledge about Monarch butterflies. Tino pai!

  2. What an amazing experience for you all to see! Great work room 11 ��


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