Thursday, 31 March 2016

Dare to be Different!

Homefun - Can Do "Creative Challenges"

Each week for Homefun the children in Room 11 receive a sheet of "must do" activities. These activities include reading each night (1-2 readers per week and picture/chapter books from the library or home) earning 1000 points on Mathletics, a basic fact sheet and a list of 10 spelling words to learn. 

Children can then select from a whole range of "can do" Creative Challenges. Check out some of the ones that have been completed already. They're awesome! 

(To those students who have handed in a Creative Challenge task but it is not shown in this post, never fear, we will post it next week)

Cherize shared not one poster, but two! In one poster she teaches us how to say goodbye and hello in lots of different languages. In the other poster Cherize has described the process she went through to clean one of the cars at home. Would you clean my car next, Cherize??? ;)

Being a good cook must run in this family! Jacob wrote a description of the Indian Rice he made for dinner one night. Sounds delish, Jacob!

Sonia used Google Docs to write the recipes for her two Masterchef dishes. I think I would like to try Banana French toast, Sonia! Yummy!


Miss Chalmers is a little bit sad, Room 11! The Mathletics points this week are looking pretty terrible! Come on everyone - bump up those scores! 1000 points in the minimum requirement.

Well done though, to these students who all got over 1000 points. A special well done to Payshince as it's her first time on the leaderboard!

An extra special well done to Sonia and Yandri who are the top Mathletes so far this year! Yandri has just over 18,000 points so far and Sonia has over 44,000!! They went to visit Miss Harland for a celebration today and got these certificates. Way to go, girls.

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

No Homework - Week 9

Due to the long Easter break there will be no homework this week. Children should still have come home with readers today, and they can continue working on their Creative Challenge tasks if they wish.

Kind regards,
Miss Helen Chalmers

Welcome, Kael!

Welcome to Reremoana School, Kael!

Kael and his sister Kaizen had their first day at school today. Kael is an awesome sportsman, which he demonstrated well during t-ball today by leaping up into the air and catching the other team's ball! It was the only catch of the day which resulted in a win for his team.

100 weeks at school!

Congratulations to Cherize who has now been at school for 100 weeks! Cherize also started at Reremoana in Miss Chalmers' class as a new entrant.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Tapa Cloth Artwork - a little glimpse

Today Room 11 began the process for creating tapa cloth-inspired artwork. We learnt that tapa cloths are a tradition form of art work from the Pacific Islands. Tapa cloth is made in most Pacific Islands but primarily in Tonga, Samoa and Fiji. Tapa cloth is made out of barkcloth (although we'll be using paper instead).

Here is a short video of us practising some designs in our art scrapbooks. We'll show off our final pieces once they're done :)

Jayden's Math

This week Group Three have been learning how to solve double digit subtraction equations. They were pretty good at solving equations such as 84-22 because they could go 80-20 and then 4-2. It became a little bit harder for equations like 81-22. They got stuck subtracting the ones because you can't take 2 away from 1! Jayden is demonstrating a different way of using the Place Value Strategy.

Thank you to Jayden for starring in our video!

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Mathletics - Week 7

Congratulations to all of these students who scored 1000 or more points on Mathletics last week. Remember, 1000 points is the minimum. The more you practise, the better you get!

Monday, 14 March 2016

Notice: Pukeko Celebration

Congratulations Shivali!

Congratulations to Shivali, who has been at school for 100 weeks today! This is extra special because Miss Chalmers also taught Shivali on her first day at Reremoana as a new entrant.

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Jade's Beautiful Butterfly

Something really special happened in Room 11 last week. Jade brought in a chrysalis that had been hanging on her swan plant at home. We knew it was almost ready to hatch because the chrysalis was dark and we could clearly see the wings. We were lucky enough to watch it make it's way into the world step by step.

We used this learning experience to help us with our writing. We wrote Haiku poems which are a traditional form of Japanese poetry.

You can watch the video of Jade's butterfly hatching and read a few of the Haiku poems below. Why not pop into class to check out our new butterfly display as well?

Monarch Butterfly
Orange, black and white so bright
Flying way up high
By Lochie and Zoe

Butterfly shine bright
Hanging on the leaves so bright
Butterfly go now
By Wendi and Ryan Salter

Inside the cocoon
getting ready to fly out
even though it’s hard

Flying super fast
red, yellow, black and orange
after they hatch out 
By Jade and Yandri

Butterflies creaking
Butterflies so delicate
Sipping on nectar
By Shivali

The butterflies hatch
And they fly away so far
into the garden
By Cherize

Butterflies are bright
they hatch from a chrysalis 
they eat green swan plants
By Tayla and Tayler

But wait, there's more! Jade's neighbour, Phoenix (also a student from our Room 12 neighbours) saw what we were up to in Room 11 and brought in his dried butterflies. They were really beautiful. Thanks for sharing, Phoenix!

Friday, 11 March 2016

Me and My Culture (Diversity Inquiry)

This term Room 11, along with the rest of the school, will be studying culture and diversity in New Zealand.

The first stage of this Inquiry is to delve into our own cultures. Knowing that your culture is valued at school is really important at Reremoana. This week students in Room 11 were asked to bring in a special item that tells us a little bit about what makes them special. It might be to do with culture, ethnicity, family or traditions.

You can find out a little bit more information about Miss Chalmers' culture over in the "Meet Miss Chalmers" tab. 

This is a photo of me and my sister. My mum got it from South Africa. It is so special to me and I really love it. I have lots of cool teddies from South Africa too. I speak Afrikaans at home with my family. I like teaching children in Room 11 Afrikaans. 
This dress is special to me and my family. It came all the way from South Africa. My mum, my sisters and me wore it when we celebrated our names at church. I have lots of family and friends in South Africa. I was born in New Zealand but my sisters were born in South Africa. I speak Afrikaans at home but it's quite tricky!
I got my All Blacks teddy from the Warehouse. It is important to me because it's part of my culture and Matua's too. We are Maori. I was born in New Zealand. The middle teddy is from Scotland. Some people in my family and long time ago were from Scotland. My Dad was born in America. 
My Great Nana, lives in a dementia house because she has dementia. Sometimes she calls my Nanny her mother but she's actually not. Dementia is when some people forget things and when they have trouble reminding people of what they want to say. My Great Nana is so special to me. She is 89 and Maori. My Nanny (my Great Nana's daughter) teaches me a little bit of Maori. I am Scottish too. 
My mum is New Zealand pakeha and my dad is a New Zealand Maori. My mum’s family is originally from Scotland. My dad is from a tribe called Maniapoto which means I am also from Maniapoto. I want to bring my green stone to show you all. My uncle gave it to me for my 1st birthday.  It means a lot to me because it is part of my culture.
My Dad and my grandparents are from Hong Kong. I am part of Hong Kong. On Chinese New Year we get to go to the Lantern Festival dressed up in special Chinese dresses. There are fireworks on the starry night. At home me and my family speak Cantonese. 
I am British, Scottish, New Zealand, South African and Irish. I have got money from South Africa to share with the class.  

There are lots of spices in India. They are mostly good in curries and butter chicken. I brought tumeric (haldi), masala (curry power), 5 spice, and a really hot one, chilli powder (mircha) to show Room 11. I got this dress when I was just one. We had a puja which means to pray to our gods. This dress is for kids to wear when they don't want to wear the adult one. Some dresses are called saris. These are for adults. 

My culture is Chinese. I brought a photo and a few books. The photo is very special to me because it shows me in a special Chinese dress.  

I am a CODA - Child Of Deaf Adults. New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) is very special to me because without it, I wouldn't be able to speak to my parents. I am holding a DVD about NZSL.  One chapter is the story "The very Hungry Caterpillar" in NZSL!

Mathletics Champs - Week Six, Term One

Check out these awesome scores on Mathletics this week! He pai, tamariki ma.

A special mention to Ryan St. who was only one point away from being in the top four students this week. Maybe next week, Ryan!

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

"Reading Awesomeness"

Room 11 and 12 are doing so well during Guided Reading time at the moment. Just today I got an email from Mrs Honey titled "Reading Awesomeness". In Room 12 they were learning the long ee sound. They discovered six different ways to record the same sound - e, ee, ea, ei, ie, y. Here's a picture of Alex showing all of the long ee words that she could find in her book. Alex even features over on Room 12's blog. Way to go, Alex!

Images by Freepik