Wednesday, 10 February 2016

The week that was...

Wow, can you believe Week 2 is nearly over? We have had a wonderful couple of weeks, spent getting to know one another as friends and learners.

At Reremoana School we talk about the Language of Learning. Over the next few weeks we will be discussing what is means to collaborate (we have our very own Rere image for this)

We know that collaboration means learning from and with others. 

When we collaborate we • work together • share ideas • teach each other • we are on task • we are listeners • we are a team.

A special 'well done' to Jayden and Kaja who were caught collaborating today in class. They have the type of attitude we like around here!

We have spent quite a bit of time playing games and completing ice breaker activities over the past two weeks. This time encourages us to work and play with people we may not know very well yet. Check out the funny video below!

Parents, families and other blog visitors - in Room 11 we love hearing what you have to say about our learning. Please, please do not be shy about leaving a comment. Whenever we get a comment we sit on the mat and read it together. You can comment about anything you like (it won't show up until Miss Chalmers moderates it first though). To give you some guidance, we will also leave questions from time to time that you could answer.

Question for parents, families and other blog visitors to answer: What was your favourite part about school when you were growing up? Miss Chalmers loved ART! ....Big surprise there :)


  1. Wow Room 11 - you sure had heaps of fun. I like your questions too - music of course was Mrs Fourie's favourite part about school:)

  2. When I was older, I loved opportunities to follow my own passions in learning. We called them "Personal Projects" and these days they would come under the "Inquiry" umbrella - well sort of! Ms F.


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