Friday, 12 February 2016

Buddy Classes for 2016

Big announcement! Rooms 11 and 7 are buddy classes for 2016. They're a great looking bunch, don't you think?

On Friday afternoon Room 7 were kind enough to come and teach our younger students how to log in and use Mathletics. Now Room 11 students can go home and practise their basic facts each night! Next week Miss Chalmers will also start setting tasks for students to complete as part of their homework programme. 

Next week Room 11 will be having a Mathletics competition, too. The students who get the top three scores (earned through participation) will have their names published on our blog. Who will take out the competition?

Question for parents, caregivers other blog visitors: how did you feel about Maths when you were at school? Miss Chalmers didn't think she was very good at it. She wasn't very fast at remembering her times tables and division was very scary! It wasn't until a lovely teacher called Mrs Mason taught her in Standard 1 (kind of like 'Year 4') that she started to really believe that she could do it!

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  1. Hi Room 11 - When I was at school I loved maths - although I will admit I loved writing and reading even more. I just loved school and learning. Ms F.


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