Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Accessing Homefun via Google Drive

Hi all,

Welcome back to school! We've had a very busy and exciting couple of days in Room 11. Make sure to keep an eye on the blog - photos are coming soon! We jumped straight back into learning today and spent some time working out how to use our Google Accounts.

Homefun this year will be set primarily through individual Google Accounts (don't worry, if you and your family prefer to have a hard copy each week, just return this form here.)

Even though only Year 4s are able to bring their own devices to school at this stage, ALL students in Room 11 have been allocated email addresses. Cyber Safety agreements will be coming home soon with more information about this.

Some of the students are feeling understandably apprehensive about accessing their homework. Please allocate a bit of time at some point this week ensuring your child knows how to access their Google Drive at home.

Here are some instructions for your reference. A hard copy should also have come home today. Please note that the password "room112016" will only be valid for tonight. Children will be making up their own passwords from tomorrow.

Kind regards,
Miss Helen Chalmers


  1. What an exciting way to do Homework! I know that when this process has been followed once or twice, it will become automatic for families :)
    Ms F

  2. Absolutely, Ms F! Many of the children already have the hang of it, after only one day! Thanks for being the first to comment on our blog :)


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